President Trump’s Remarks at the Hermitage, March 15, 2017


NASHVILLE – Nearly all Tennessee state Republican lawmakers will attend The Hermitage on Wednesday to hear remarks from President Donald Trump, who plans to lay a wreath at the grave of Andrew Jackson, the country’s seventh president.

After the event, U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., will speak at Municipal Auditorium ahead of the president taking the stage.

“A presidential visit to (Jackson’s) home and final resting place on the 250th anniversary of his birth is a fitting tribute to the Jacksonian legacy. I greatly appreciate President Trump and the Andrew Jackson Foundation including Tennessee state legislators in this historic occasion,” Lt. Governor McNally said in a statement, adding he “was honored to extend President Trump’s invitation to my Senate members.”

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2 Responses to President Trump’s Remarks at the Hermitage, March 15, 2017

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Meanwhile certain groups in New Orleans are also trying to remove Andrew Jackson’s statue from hisyoric Jackson Square. Even though Jackson was dead bybthevtome the Civil War began Jackson owned slaves, at a time states in the North also allowed slavery, so he should be reviled. I presume they could replace the statue with a memorial to some heroic prog freedom fighter who fought to free the poor and oppressed…like Yasser Arafat. In the same vein we rename Jackson Square to Idi Amin Square…there are a number of fine eateries around it.


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