White House Press Briefing – March 13, 2017

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11 Responses to White House Press Briefing – March 13, 2017

  1. New media in the presser!!!


  2. lovely says:

    The longer this Tap Gate goes the more certain I am that President Trump has a lot of concrete evidence that ties Obama’s people to wire tapping Trump Tower. The Press is frothing at the mouth asking the same questions stomping their little hooves in unison “If President Trump tweets something meanie peanie about Obama shouldn’t he have to show proof”!!!! Indignation Stomp Stomp Stomp! “Hear us grunt!”

    And Spicer stays steady and responds like an adult.

    The Obama Gate reveal is going to a glorious sharp stick in their arrogant glazed eye.

    We should have a drinking game for every time Sean Spicer must use the word “conflate” to discredit the scummy phony fake press questions by the Soros shills.

    “Yes 3 million illegal people voted.” Sean Spicer. << I really like this guy.

    And immediately on the yaps of the last rabid mutts again Spicer must bring another fake reporter to heel by factually pointing out that another one of the sounder is "starting from a false premise."

    The Press Pen.


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