It’s Caturday!


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27 Responses to It’s Caturday!

  1. MaryfromMarin says:

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  2. amwick says:

    See I learn something every day.

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  5. joshua says:

    well, waiting for someone to claim that illegal aliens eat cat meat, so we can get some serious citizen outcry….otherwise, we just listen to how expelling illegals “isn’t who we are” as a nation….well, we don’t eat cat meat nor chop off heads of little kids or want to have to “press one for English” either.

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  6. lovely says:

    Cigarettes, candy canes and Caturday 🙂

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  7. nyetneetot says:

    Happy Caturday!

    February 11, 1934 New York Times headline, “CAT DRAGS GIRL UNDER CAR”

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  8. Sharon says:

    The animal rescue shelter in MN where we got our Dalmatian around 2000 or so had a mascot-type kitty-kat that looked exactly like the earless beauty at the top of the thread.

    It wasn’t born that way: it was rescued from WAY-sub-zero temps, and after so long out in the bitter cold, the kitty lost its ears.

    It became a super pet of the employees and had the run of the place, in the front offices and public area. Its bed was right on top of the counter near the door where we would come in.

    Its name was Ears.

    Everybody loved Ears!

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