Crazy Hillary Supporter Lashes Out at Ivanka Trump On JetBlue Flight



  • A passenger on a JetBlue flight accosted Ivanka Trump on Thursday morning 
  • ‘Your father is ruining the country,’ said Dan Goldstein, a lawyer from Brooklyn, who had a child in his arms
  • He then began demanding to know why Ivanka was on the flight and not travelling on a private plane while she sat with her kids
  • Ivanka ignored him and tried to preoccupy her children with crayons while the man berated her 
  • A fellow passenger said later that Ivanka told security and flight staff she did not want to make the incident a thing and have anyone removed from the flight 
  • The man’s husband, Matthew Lasner, later tweeted: ‘My husband expressed his displeasure in a calm tone, JetBlue staff overheard, and they kicked us off’
  • However one hour before that he wrote on Twitter: ‘Ivanka and Jared at JFK T5, flying commercial. My husband chasing them down to harass them’
  • Lasner and Goldstein were accommodated on the next available flight according to JetBlue, and Lasner deleted his Twitter account soon after
  • Ivanka and her family are heading away for the holiday, meaning they will be spending 12 straight hours on the plane 

And while Goldstein was happy to go after Ivanka ,and Lasner was eager to defend his actions, neither of the men confronted Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner, who was right next to her on the flight standing in the aisle the entire time.

Ivanka’s Secret Service detail was also on the flight, but chose to allow the airline handle the situation. As a Facebook acquaintance put it, “Good manners aren’t a security problem. They’re just a gay idiot problem. JetBlue is used to handling this stuff. Every airline is.




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19 Responses to Crazy Hillary Supporter Lashes Out at Ivanka Trump On JetBlue Flight

  1. WeeWeed says:

    Snakes on a plane. Bastages.

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  2. joshua says:


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  3. amwick says:

    I am wondering about Ivanka flying coach. I decided, all on my own, that there just weren’t enough seats in first class, or, she wanted enough space for the entire group to be together. I am really sorry she went through this, with children. Very sorry. What surprises me is that these other two parents were with their son and setting a bad example.

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  4. ImpeachEmAll says:

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  5. texan59 says:

    “expressing displeasure” my *ss. You little turd should have gotten your butt kicked. That was displeasure like Chicago was “chilly”. 👿

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  6. lovely says:

    It appears Matthew Laser’s profile has been removed from Hunter College’s pages.


    I hope they fired his butt.


  7. Col.(R) Ken says:

    Well, well, well tough guy picking on a mother with children…… I know Jet Blue would have kicked me of that flight, after I was done horse wipping that tough guy…..where’s the SS??? Air Marshal????

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  8. Wooly Phlox says:

    D*** she’s cute. And so composed.

    Reminds me of this absolute classic, in so many ways:

    Brang da amberlamps!


  9. ImpeachEmAll says:


  10. auscitizenmom says:

    What I find really galling is the fact that if this man said he was married to another man and you so much as raised an eyebrow, he would be raising holy he!!.

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