Russian ambassador to Turkey dead after being shot in ‘assassination attempt in revenge for Aleppo’


Mirror (UK):

Russia’s ambassador to Turkey has been assassinated in front of terrified witnesses allegedly in retaliation for the crisis in Aleppo.

The gunman reportedly said in Turkish “We die in Aleppo, you die here” during the shooting which left Ambassador Andrei Karlov dead.

The attacker was fatally shot by police after wounding Mr Karlov and at least three others, according to state TV.

Mr Karlov was delivering a speech at an art gallery in the capital of Ankara when the gunman fired a shot into the air and then shot the ambassador in a suspected radical Islamic attack, the Hurriyet newspaper reported.


In a video circulating on social media that shows the shooting of the Russian ambassador to Turkey, the shooter is heard shouting, “Allahu akbar (God is great). Do not forget Aleppo! Do not forget Syria! Do not forget Aleppo! Do not forget Syria!”
“Get back! Get back!” the man can be heard shouting in Turkish as he waves a gun.
“Only death will remove me from here. Everyone who has taken part in this oppression will one by one pay for it,” he said.
Authorities haven’t said who they believe was responsible for the attack. Anadolu reported that the gunman had been neutralized. But it was not immediately clear whether the attacker was killed or captured by police.

Other reports say that the gunman has been killed.



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15 Responses to Russian ambassador to Turkey dead after being shot in ‘assassination attempt in revenge for Aleppo’

  1. lovely says:

    Authorities haven’t said who they believe was responsible for the attack.

    Hard to tell in these grey areas.

    My bet is on the dead Islamic terrorist and his culture which promotes just such acts.

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    • stella says:

      What do you think?

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      • lovely says:

        FOO “Friend of Obama” assassination, really, sadly, no surprise. I think that Putin is an anxious for Obama to get the heck out of office as are all rational adults.

        Putin will repsond to Turkey, he has no interest in starting a war with the US when he knows that a new sheriff is in power in a month’s time. I believe Putin did not rise to the rank of Head of the KGB through anything other than brutal force, intelligence and very smart decision making. Putin is not in the position to put the US in Check Mate so he will bide his time.

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        • WeeWeed says:

          Putin doesn’t like Muslims. Period. He has no beef in particular with US.

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          • lovely says:

            Although I do believe that Putin is a pure KGB Russian at heart, he loves his country. He loves the power that the Soviet Union wielded. And he would agree with Khrushchev sentiment;

            Support by United States rulers is rather in the nature of the support that the rope gives to a hanged man. __ Nikita Khrushchev

            There was a time when the MSM told us that Putin is everything that Khrushchev was not, my guess is that Putin is now considered Hitler right along with Trump.

            I suspect that Putin views Obama much as he views Kim Jung-un, a raving lunatic, fortunately Obama is somewhat kept in check by other factions in our government.

            I don’t think Putin will ever consider the US as anything other than a necessary evil.

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            • derk says:

              I hope what you say is true, sounds right to me. I am not privy to what actually happens, personalities, backroom agreements and such. Egos.
              Obama and his faction is scary though, and I can see where things could really bad, really fast. But I tend to see things pessimistically.

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  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    Time to stay out of certain countries

    I watched the video it leaves you with creepy chills

    The shooter stood right behind him and without a single blink just started shooting

    No remorse

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  3. John Denney says:

    The shooter’s one finger pointed into the air is the ISIS symbol, is it not?


    • lovely says:

      The Muslim one finger salute is homage to the two fundamental beliefs of Islam “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the prophet of Allah.” The one finger represents one god. It is an affirmation of the Muslim faith.


  4. joshua says:

    how come the cameraman was so calm during the filming of this whole event when clearly everyone else was in great danger from the shooter? seems staged almost.


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