General Discussion, Friday, December 16, 2016


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  1. texan59 says:

    Almost have another one in the books. Savor the flavor on this Finally Friday. Coffee up y’all.

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  2. Col.(R) Ken says:

    Stella, your lead in picture reminds me of “It’s a wonderful life” modern town….. except most of the buildings/store fronts do not have Christmas Lights. The electric rates are higher, much higher for those city folk….

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  3. czarowniczy says:

    For a little levity and, I hope, fond memories:

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  4. ImpeachEmAll says:

    US Will ‘Take Action’ on Russian Hacking, Obama Promises

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  5. ImpeachEmAll says:

    -0.4 Β°F

    A bit of a chill in the air.

    Time for another log on the fire…

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  6. WeeWeed says:

    Mornin’ y’all!

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  7. nyetneetot says:

    Mornin’ stella! (Smiter of those that ought to be smote) 😎 🍸 (Long Island Iced Tea)
    Mornin’ WeeWeed! (Master Mixologist Extrodinare) 😎 🍸 (Old Fashioned)
    Mornin’ Menagerie! 😎 |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| |_| (Jack Daniels – Single Barrel )
    Mornin’ Ad rem! (Queen Felis catus) 🐱 🍸 (Flaming Lamborghini)
    Mornin’ Sharon! 😎 🍸 (earthquake)
    Mornin’ ytz4mee! 😎 🍸 (cosmopolitan)
    Mornin’ waltzingmtilda! πŸ™‚ 🍸 (white wine and perrier)
    Mornin’ partyzantski! πŸ™‚ |_| (Tom Collins)
    Mornin’ texan59! πŸ™‚ |_| (Black & Tan)
    Mornin’ ZurichMike! πŸ™‚ 🍸 (fuzzy navel)
    Mornin’ Col.(R) Ken! (hand salute) πŸ™‚ |_| (Boilermaker)
    Mornin’ Czarina! πŸ™‚ 🍸 (Lynchburg Lemonade)
    Mornin’ czarowniczy! πŸ™‚ |_| (Wild Turkey Rare Breed)
    Mornin’ letjusticeprevail2014! πŸ™‚ |_| (Irish Car Bomb)
    Mornin’ Patriot1783-ctdar! (aka “ctdar”) πŸ™‚ 🍸 (grasshopper)
    Mornin’ tessa50! πŸ™‚ 🍸 (flaming volcano)
    Mornin’ waltzingmtilda! πŸ™‚ 🍸 (sidecar)
    Mornin’ varsityward! πŸ™‚ |_| (Godfather)
    Mornin’ MaryfromMarin! πŸ˜€ |_| (Mortlach)
    Mornin’ Wooly Phlox! (aka “taqiyyologist”) πŸ™‚ |_| (Roy Rogers)
    Mornin’ Howie! πŸ™‚ |_| (Classic Daiquiri)
    Mornin’ TwoLaine! πŸ™‚ |_| (Gin & Tonic)
    Mornin’ Sha! πŸ™‚ 🍸 (Lemon Drop)
    Mornin’ BigMamaTEA! πŸ™‚ 🍸 (Harvey Wallbanger)
    Mornin’ cetera5! (aka “Cetera”) πŸ™‚ |_| (Blackberry wine)
    Mornin’ The Tundra PA! πŸ™‚ 🍸 (bailey irish cream on the rocks)
    Mornin’ lovely! πŸ™‚ |_| (Backdraft)
    Mornin’ michellc! πŸ™‚ 🍸 (Salty dog)
    Mornin’ auscitizenmom! πŸ™‚ 🍸 (Kiss on the Lips)
    Mornin’ Margaret-Ann! πŸ™‚ 🍸 (White Russian)
    Mornin’ Auntie Lib! πŸ™‚ 🍸 (Tom and Jerry)
    Mornin’ holly100! πŸ™‚ 🍸 (Jack & Coke)
    Mornin’ Pam! πŸ™‚ (Not even water)
    Mornin’ Ms.Tee! πŸ™‚ 🍸 (Mojito)
    Mornin’ koolkosherkitchen! πŸ™‚ 🍸 (Cuba Libre)
    Mornin’ ImpeachEmAll πŸ™‚ |_| (Flaming Dr. Pepper)
    Mornin’ Monroe! πŸ™‚ |_| (Stinger)
    Mornin’ Les! πŸ™‚ |_| (Rusty Nail)
    Mornin’ shiloh1973! πŸ™‚ |_| (Jack Daniels)
    Mornin’ TexasRanger! πŸ™‚ |_| (Whiskey Smash)
    Mornin’ Ziiggii! πŸ™‚ |_| (B52)
    Mornin’ oldiadguy! πŸ™‚ |_| (Rum & Coke)
    Mornin’ smiley! (“stuck in spambucket”) πŸ™‚ 🍸 (Spanish coffee)
    Mornin’ derk! (β€œStellars”) πŸ™‚ 🍸 (Mudslide)
    Mornin’ Jacqueline Taylor Robson πŸ™‚ 🍸 (Shirley Temple)
    Mornin’ facebkwallflower! πŸ™‚ |_| (Night Train Express)
    Mornin’ Ms. Cindy! (aka “Ms Cynlynn” aka “ms cynlynn”) πŸ™‚ 🍸 (1970 ducru beaucaillou)
    Mornin’ sandandsea2015! πŸ™‚ 🍸 (1961 ChΓ’teau Montrose)
    Mornin’ amwick! πŸ™‚ 🍸 (Blue motorcycle)
    Mornin’ hocuspocus13! πŸ™‚ 🍸 (1970 Chateau Latour)
    Mornin’ Sloth1963! πŸ™‚ 🍸 (1971 Moulin Touchais)
    Mornin’ MTeresa! (Ex-lurker) πŸ™‚ |_| (Albanian Raki Moskat)
    Mornin’ Rhea Salacia Volans! πŸ™‚ |_| (Hot Buttered Rum)
    Mornin’ joshua! πŸ™‚ |_| (Hot Buttered Rum)
    Mornin’ whiners and complainers! πŸ˜› (No drink for you!)
    Mornin’ to people posting that I missed. 😳
    Mornin’ to all you lurkers! πŸ˜•

    Also just in case someday; mornin’ to Elvis Chupacabra, F.D.R. in Hell and sundance! :mrgreen:


    NEW and IMPROVED breakfast with extra bacon for ZurichMike!

    Doughnuts for coffee!

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  8. Patriot1783 says:

    B List Actor Anger Games, President Stompy Feet has legs.
    β€œCelebrities” thinking they are smarter than the average American, just insulting them.

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  9. Menagerie says:

    Third Friday in Advent
    The Magi are great Advent figures because they spend their time surveying the night sky. We don’t know exactly who they were, but we know there was a tradition of stargazing in certain lands east of the Holy Land.

    The Magi were what we would call both astrologers and astronomers. They were looking patiently for signs of God’s purpose. We might think the way they’re looking is funny, by searching for signs in the sky, but, nevertheless, they were looking, in a very patient and intentional way. That makes them Advent figures.

    How many of us have become indifferent to the signs of God? How many of us stop wondering what God is up to? How much time do we spend searching out those questions? Prayer is the response to such questions, for that’s what prayer involves: seeking the purpose and intentions of God.

    By searching for signs of God, the Magi are captivating Advent figures.

    From Biahop Barron’s daily reflection.

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    • derk says:

      Good post. Another of the amazingly intricate and wonderfully woven story the Bible tells. So much, as you all know, to continually be dissected and studied for all of these years.
      Thank you.

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    • amwick says:

      So back in the day, God sent a sigh, and it was in the heavens because that is where people were looking for it… Today, signs could be in other places. Think about where people are looking, and what they are listening to. Think. πŸ™‚

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    • John Denney says:

      I’ve heard it said that when the Jews were allowed to return to Jerusalem from Babylon, the prophet Daniel was too old to make the trip, so stayed in Babylon. The Magi were his spiritual descendants.


  10. derk says:

    Good Morning Stella, all,
    Here I thought yesterdays pic was fun and therapeutic to play with the snow falling feature. I did for several minutes yesterday. Today, even better!

    Beautiful rendition of the old Scott McKenzie song. By Lucas Nelson, one of Willie’s sons. The band has been backing up Neil Young of late.
    Headed that way this afternoon. Rematch of the golf round I was thoroughly whipped at by my FSIL two weeks ago, deliver some gifts in person, hang with my daughters.

    You all have a great day up, over and down there in Stellarland.

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    • lovely says:

      Good morning Derk πŸ™‚

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    • Wooly Phlox says:

      Derk, you have some incredible taste in music.

      Have you watched all of Clapton’s Crossroads festivals? They’re on DVD, and they are a lot of hours per.

      Rock & Roll is resurging, and crossing over with country, blues, folk, and jazz.

      Music is being made Great Again. This is a relatively new band — to me, at least.

      They evoke so much from their progenitors. I feel so many musicians behind this artist, from James Brown to Van Morrison to so many more. I hear Cat Stevens in there. Steely Dan. Wonderful band.

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      • derk says:

        Nope, haven’t watched. You can actually hear a bit of Willie in his voice, but yeah, all of the above as well.
        I use my iPod and was buying songs on iTunes till a month ago, buy like 10 songs a month. Had about 1100 songs, at a dollar each.
        Joined Aplle Music, 10 bucks a month, and now have almost unlimited access. Currently have over 450 different artists, from the Coasters to, well these guys, just found them.
        Love getting new music, why I enjoy your sharing, always on the hunt for good vibes!

        First song I remember hearing. Home sick from school, in 1965 and I was 6, and they came on the tv. OMG! Hooked.
        That and the high school kids down the street blasting “Can’t Get No Satisfaction” daily in the garage. Loudly!

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      • derk says:

        Love this Nathaniel guy and band, definitely will add.

        I put my iPod on shuffle. This morning back to back: The Seekers “There Will Never Be Another You”, Zeppelin’s “Misty Mountain Hop” then Elvis Costello’s “Olivers Army”.
        Love them all. bUt hen went and selected the above ‘SF” song cuz I love it so much right now. Fun times definitely. Keep bringing the new!

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  11. Good morning, Stella, good morning, Beautiful People!

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  12. lovely says:

    I wonder what reason Hillary gave to Diane Reynolds for her loss?

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  13. joshua says:

    The Russians are blaming the cyberhacking on an offensive video movie disrespecting the Soviet Union by Hollywood producers……plan to nuke the West Coast just as soon as Trump is installed as Potus…….all according to Shrillery…….maybe….or maybe not….you know….false news and all that stuff……


    • derk says:

      Love it.
      True story. In love music, but can’t sing or play a lick. 8th grade choir, asked to lip synch during Christmas Concert. Ok by me, only there for the women anyways. And bless her heart, she tried to get me to not sound worse than fingernails on a chalkboard, but I’m definitely challenged in the voice box area.
      Talent show that year, tis 7th grader came out and sang this song to perfection. Could’ve knocked me over with a feather. Bad memory and all, I can still envision her singing this song.

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    • derk says:

      Love it.
      True story. I love music, can’t sing or play a lick. In 8th grade choir, was asked to lip sync during Christmas show. Was only there for the women anyways!
      Do remember the talent show, and this 7th grade girl sang this song to perfection. Could of knocked me over with a feather.

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  14. Mary did you know…

    I’m sure others have posted this, but I heard this while driving my daughter to work this afternoon and wanted to share it. It’s so beautiful. Enjoy!

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  15. stella says:

    Check out this edit of the original video:

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    • ImpeachEmAll says:

      Too Funny (ironic).

      This is a must listen.

      Change the script;
      change the message. πŸ˜‰

      This needs to circulate.

      Those that do social media
      need to send this viral. πŸ˜‰


  16. stella says:

    IowaHawk, on FB News vetting:

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  17. Cetera says:

    Just in case any of you want to remain unspoiled, here are my preliminary thoughts on Rogue One:


    1. This is easily the best Star Wars movie of the last 33 years.

    2. It not only makes ANH a far, far better movie, it makes all of the original trilogy better movies. I need to see it more than once, and let it sit, and then watch it and ANH back-to-back and see what I think then, but it may actually elevate ANH over ROTJ. If so, that may make Rogue One one of the top two SW movies.

    3. It is everything I’ve wanted out of a new SW movie, and more. It is also just a decent film in its own right, and should stand alone just fine.

    4. J.J. Abrams should be kicked in the balls repeatedly for the farce that was Episode 7. This movie reveals what real, talented people can actually do when they try and approach the source films with intelligence and respect. This film makes Ep 7 worse, much worse, in comparison. Honestly, Disney should pull an X-Men 3 move, and just post-birth abort Ep 7 and pretend like it never happened. Redo it, kill it, whatever.

    5. The movie looks perfect stylistically. It retains every bit of the late 70s and early 80s feel, with modern visualization. They used and re-used material from the OT to make it, and it works really well. They went back to Ralph McQuarrie’s illustrations and copied his style, much like Star Wars Rebels has been doing. They realized scenes and locations we had a glimpse of before, or believed must exist, but hadn’t seen yet.

    6. It is truly a movie about a war amongst the stars. It is, first and foremost, a war movie, and it isn’t kid friendly at all. When you watch this movie, you see some shit go down.


    I have only very minor complaints.

    1. The score pretty much sucks. It is uninspired, and uninspiring. It is almost generic elevator music from the Star Wars universe. Nothing stood out to me as memorable or great. There weren’t any new themes, and it didn’t do a great job of driving emotion, except in one particular point of the movie.

    2. The CG of certain characters is absolutely perfect from a photo-realism perspective. However, because of this, their is an uncanny valley effect present. They look perfect, but don’t quite move perfectly, particularly about the lips, and the effect can be very distracting. When they are standing there motionless, however, they are absolutely believable, and even indistinguishable, from the real thing.

    3. Star Wars canon has officially embraced the Ep 7 style of hyperspace, where everything in the entire universe is only moments away, in contrast to the hours and hours it took in hyperspace in the OT. It isn’t horrible, but it kinda sucks.

    It is a slower paced movie, especially in the middle, which some people don’t like. Personally, I think it is great they took the time to let it breathe, and isn’t trying to overstimulate you the entire time. You need a little bit of time to get to know the characters, and there are constant little pieces here and there that were references and homages that weren’t “in your face”, but just well done.

    Oh, and it has the best space battle of any SW movie in it. That might be because it is new, but it is at least as good (for me) as the ROTJ space battle, and the ground action is actually better than ROTJ.

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    • Wooly Phlox says:

      Yours is now the best review I’ve read, thus far, of R1.

      Most are along those lines.

      I watched the first Spider Man. Haven’t seen a Hollywood film since, other than a couple of great Pixar films.


      • Wooly Phlox says:

        And, by “best review”, I mean, most positive.

        I’m tired of being sucker punched by Hollywood.

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        • Cetera says:

          If you liked the OT, you might want to check this one out. Maybe not see it in the theater if that isn’t your thing, although the space battle is pretty gosh darn good in the theater.

          I thoroughly enjoyed my time watching it. The sound design is amazing. It sounded perfect, just like it should, just like the originals. The story is dark, but so worthwhile. It was just a great movie.

          It isn’t great like 13 Hours, and it isn’t as dark as 13 Hours, which I think should be the best movie of the year. The things that it sets out to do, it does exceptionally well. The rest, what all the alt-righters are bitching about, doesn’t exist in the movie at all. There are some interesting politics in the movie, and some internal conflict in the Rebellion (quite a lot, actually). They have to make hard choices, and how to spend lives, and when killing is justified. It isn’t really talked about, but it is shown several times, and the results are nothing I expected to see in a SW movie.

          The movie is largely about sacrifice, do the right thing, find someone who can get the job done, at all costs. Ignore the silly Hollywood tropes and the crap that the SJWs are trying to push, and the alt-right is trying to fight, and just enjoy the movie. Take from it analogies to use in RL, as there are plenty, and enjoy the well told story.

          For it is well told, amazingly so, and it brings new light to the movies. It supplements, it enhances. It never overwrites, overshadows, or overplays. It doesn’t reinvent. It takes what was there, and peers through the window to a desperate time in the struggle against tyranny a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…


    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      Excellent review Cetera, hope to see the movie…….


  18. derk says:

    Update to my little (long) rant a few weekends ago.

    Snow is gone, and so is she. Weird huh.

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  19. hocuspocus13 says:

    …all I have to say

    What a great picture πŸŽ„

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  20. WeeWeed says:

    Bar! Beer!! Gonna go watch Big D now.

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  21. texan59 says:

    Here’s another one for the season.

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