Gift Week, Day Three – Weird Gifts


Remember Ralphie’s bunny suit? A well-intentioned gift from a doting aunt, in whose memory Ralph lives forever as a toddler.

I don’t think I ever received anything that strange; one of my daughter’s wedding gifts is a contender: a cookie jar shaped like James Dean that contained a cassette of Boz Scaggs’ tunes.


A brief query of the internet, however, results in an almost endless list of odd, weird, strange, and unsettling gifts.

Consider a pencil sharpener; a fine gift for the office.

PencilSharpenerHow about a knife holder for your ex-wife:

ExKnifeHolderDoes your husband need something to do during his morning ablutions?

SodokuToiletRollGame for two?

ThumbWrestlingFor the finicky gourmet, a food sniffer will let you know when your dinner is going bad:

food snifferI don’t know who you could give these to, but perhaps your cat would like them?

ratslippersAnother suggestion for your cat:


Perhaps one of these would be the perfect gift for a relative, or last minute secret Santa gift? Maybe this one for your liberal cousin or sister-in-law?



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17 Responses to Gift Week, Day Three – Weird Gifts

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Day Four: kid in the bunny suit gets gift certificate for therapy.

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  2. nyetneetot says:

    I got one…. Oh, I guess this is one for yesterday’s craft project gifts….. It’s a twofer!

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  3. facebkwallflower says:

    Loving these gift posts!

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  4. joshua says:

    The all time Texas favorite Xmas gift….the stuffed armadillo package….

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    • amwick says:

      Did you read “A Prayer for Ownen Meany”?


      • joshua says:

        well….yes…a long time ago…..when he took the claws off of the armadillo it lost me somewhat….I decided later that playing hide and seek with a stuffed armadillo was kinda like looking for the Afikomen at passover seder, but with a really ugly strange matzo that looks like a stuffed dead roadkill thing. also, I have an appreciation for what grenades can do inside a building.


  5. amwick says:

    Weird gifts… I been so busy I missed the day,,, but hmmmmmm that is tough! I can think of a gift that was unusual, but weir? Anyway, a good friend of mine was adopted as a baby.. For Christmas her husband gave her one of those DNA tests, to find out about her ethnic heritage. She had no clue, and we thought she might have been Irish, but it turns out her heritage is Ukrainian or something like that.


    • joshua says:

      these dna tests are facinating. about 8 months ago I “rescued” an abandoned 5 week old puppy left Memorial Day at a highway filling station….took him home and blended with our 6 year old rescue dachshund lady who runs our household….as he grew, he got stranger looking, and we could not figure out what he was….looked like a wolf in the face, developed long legs, and an insatiable energy for playing….and nearly drove the girl dog nuts…but she adopted him and mothered him even if he didn’t want it… finally, I had a dog dna test run on him to see what the heck…the vet and groomers had thought he was a tibetian terrier, or a shephard mix with some terrier. Well…none of those…he is mostly Australian Cattledog…hence he was trying to “herd” the dachs constantly no matter where she was or was doing, he was pushing her to move or do what he wanted her to do…and never stopped it…the rest was some collie and some lhaso apso…..

      Now we can understand why and what he is all about…and he turns out to be totally fun and sweet and bonded to everyone in the family….but he needs tons of exercise and a JOB to do to keep him challenged…very smart and quick to learn.

      However, I am NOT getting him a herd of cattle for the backyard to keep him entertained…he can herd the squirrels and rabbits or just play with pushing a soccer ball about outside….

      that’s my Christmas DNA story…..

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