Donald Trump’s ‘Thank You Tour’


President-elect Donald Trump is set to begin his “thank you tour” to celebrate with Americans the epic victory over Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party with a rally in Ohio later this week.  

The rally will be held at U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati at 7 p.m. on Thursday.

One of Trump’s most effective tools during his campaign was his ability to gather tens of thousands of Americans in arenas throughout the country, even though the mainstream media dismissed the crowds as rednecks participating in reality television.

Trump’s second stop is scheduled for Des Moines, Iowa, in early December, transition officials told Bloomberg.


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2 Responses to Donald Trump’s ‘Thank You Tour’

  1. lovely says:

    Trump’s ‘Thank You Tour’ Brings Him Through States That Won Him White House

    The joyless Left’s petulance never dies.

    “It depends more on what he says than where he goes,” said Dan Pfeiffer, one of Mr. Obama’s former senior White House advisers. “Does Trump want to heal the wounds of the election or rub in the face in the face of those that opposed him? Hope springs eternal, but recent history suggests Trump will opt for the latter, which would be an unfortunate way to start his presidency.”


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