WKRP “As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly” Thanksgiving

An oldie, but goodie!

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25 Responses to WKRP “As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly” Thanksgiving

  1. ImpeachEmAll says:

    Turkey really do fly.

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  2. texan59 says:

    This is one of my all-time fave’s. I read a story the other day about somebody trying this stunt again. Must’ve been a hipster station who figured they were smarter. 🙄

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  3. czarowniczy says:

    Yes, a favorite. WKRP was one of those programs, along with WT (speaking of turkeys) that got me thru those dark, polluted fog, cold Salt Lake Valley winters in the late 70s. The ‘turkey’ episode was one of the top ones.
    Yeah, wild turkeys can fly (give me a few Wild Turkeys and I can fly) but commercial turkeys are bred for overdeveloped breast muscles, largevthighs and small wings so they don’t even glide well. We used to have wild turkeys perching on our roof but the hogs seem to have drastically thinned their numbers…maybe as we thin back the hogs the turkeys will come back.

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    • michellc says:

      We have tons of wild turkeys. When we raised turkeys the wild ones came around at least once a day, sometimes two or three times a day. Now they just come around about once a week, but you always see them crossing the road.

      It’s annoying when the city folks venture out this way for a country drive because they stop in the middle of the road to jump out and take pictures. I’ve even had them to ask me what they are while I’m waiting not so patiently for them to get out of my way.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        We had three regulars who’d haunt the yard and garden for bits and pieces. One night we heard a skitter, skitter, skitter…Thump… sound over and over. We wentnoutside and watched as the three flew up to the ridge of the steel roof, slid down the roof to the lip and thumped onto the hood of the truck…. over and over until they tired of it.
        If I keep thumping the hogs maybe we can get our WTs back again, they were fun and had better table manners than the hogs.

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        • michellc says:

          They’re certainly not graceful in flight. lol
          I don’t mind the turkeys now that I don’t have turkeys that they try to lure away.
          Plus, they make it so easy during turkey season when they make it so convenient by coming near enough to the house to make it an easy shot. lol
          Sorry, like I say we have turkeys about like we have deer and smoked wild turkey once a year is good eating. 🙂
          This year the hens were busy hatching, almost every hen I saw had 5 or 6 poults and now I see them still tagging along. I think almost all of them survived this year.
          I’m always amazed at how many survive the foxes, bobcats, coyotes, hawks, owls and eagles around here.

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          • czarowniczy says:

            I’m a big wuss for turkeys, I won’t hunt ’em or let ’em be hunted on our property. I really enjoy them, they’re smart and even seem to have a sense of humor. I figure their stupid cousins at Walmart have more meat, taste better and a helluva lot easier to deal with time and work wise.

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            • michellc says:

              You obviously haven’t tasted a smoked wild turkey.
              We raised domesticated turkeys and ate them as well as eating store bought turkeys. They taste nothing like a smoked wild turkey.


              • czarowniczy says:

                I’m not much of a fowl hunter, taking their little bird clothes off exceeds my available patience quota. Czarina and I did smoke a turkey back in 1980 (for true) and got really sick shortly thereafter. Whether or not the smoked turkey was THE key is irrelevant as it tasted really REALLY bad coming up and we were operantly conditioned to avoid it. Now our smoking is limited, outside of infrequent trips to Denver, to cheese, sone fish and pork.


                • michellc says:

                  Plucking is just another day for us. lol

                  I’ve never gotten sick from anything smoked, but I’m like that with shrimp. I did love fried shrimp, but once got some bad shrimp, the first piece tasted kind of off, but I thought maybe it was just the batter, bit into the second one and immediately spit it out.
                  One slightly off piece and one bite of a really off piece was enough to make me puke half the night. I can’t eat shrimp now because I can’t forget what it tasted like coming back up.


    • nyetneetot says:

      Taxi and the drivers test is the other one I think is the best.

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