This Day in History: The Gettysburg Address


Tara Ross:

On this day in 1863, Abraham Lincoln delivers his famous Gettysburg address. Did you know that no one knows exactly where he gave the speech? And no one knows precisely what he said? Several different transcripts of the speech exist, each with slightly different phrasing.

His speech wasn’t even supposed to be the main feature that day! Instead, a two-hour oration by a former Secretary of State, Edward Everett, was supposed to be the highlight.

Lincoln’s two-minute speech would go down in history. Everett’s has been mostly forgotten.



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5 Responses to This Day in History: The Gettysburg Address

  1. Col(R) Ken says:

    Thank you Stella.

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  2. amwick says:

    Very nice story… I have good friends that live in Gettysburg. It is a beautiful small town, surrounded by historical sites that have been lovingly preserved, even though the number of visitors is staggering. Another friend was visited by a ghost while they were at a bar right in the town square, seriously, it was weird…. She and her husband noticed a terrible smell, and then a voice from behind apologized. THERE WAS NO ONE THERE!!

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    • Col(R) Ken says:

      Have conducted many “Staff Rides” in and around Gettysburg. Yes, places around town are visited, by the past. I stayed in the Cashtown Inn. If I remember the room number was 10 or 11. My CSM, at the time, bet me $100 to spend the night “in the most haunted room” . Won the bet, didn’t sleep the whole night………. had my Colt ready, and the Lords book open to Ephesians!!!!!
      I do try to attend the Anniversary Battle Walks conducted by the Park Service, have missed the last few years, on my calendar for ’17.


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