Clinton Supporters are Doxxing and Harassing Electoral College Members


Apparently there is a national attempt by Democrats to change the results of the election by influencing Electoral College members to change their votes from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton. A list of the Electors was published by Politico last week, and bees have been busy attaching those names to telephone numbers, email addresses, and home addresses for the purpose of harassing the Electors.

Here are published accounts of this harassment by media outlets in Idaho:

Heat Street

According to reports out of Idaho and elsewhere, Clinton supporters have obtained Electoral College voters’ personal information and are harassing them with calls, Facebook messages, emails and even home visits, encouraging them to become “faithless electors,” and change their Trump votes to Clinton votes.

And they aren’t being kind about it: “A lot of ’em use bad, rough language,” said Layne Bangerter, one of Idaho’s electors. “Nothing I feel intimidated over. But we’re watching it very closely. They’ve got our home phone numbers, our cell numbers, our emails, our Facebook. We’re just getting an orchestrated barrage from the left.”

“They attack my religion, they attack my politics, they tell me that I must be a terrible father, I must be a terrible American, they use foul language — every swear word,” Bangerter said.

According to the Boise Weekly and

The callers are trying to convince the four electors to change their votes from Donald Trump, the Republican president-elect who won Idaho in a landslide and who also won the Electoral College nationwide even though more people nationally voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“While there is no federal requirement binding electors to their pledge, and while Idaho is one of 21 states that does not have state-level legislation to force an elector to comply, attempting to sway an elector’s commitment to their party through insults, vulgar language, or threats, simply lacks civility,” Secretary of State Lawrence Denney, who oversees the state’s elections, said in a statement. “These are people who have volunteered to represent our state and their party in a process that goes back to the founding of our nation. If the presidential election had been different, the presidential electors would be from a different party and would still deserve the same respect. They don’t deserve to be mistreated by someone just because that person doesn’t agree with the outcome of the election.”

At least three electors have gone rogue, and are urging other electors to do the same. According to Politico:

Two Democratic members of the Electoral College have launched a radical last-ditch attempt to stop Donald Trump from winning the presidency.

P. Bret Chiafalo, a Washington State elector who has already declared his opposition to Hillary Clinton, and Micheal Baca of Colorado have launched what they’ve dubbed “Moral Electors,” an attempt to persuade 37 of their Republican colleagues to bail on Trump — just enough to block Trump’s election and leave the final decision to the House of Representatives. They have the support of a third elector, Washington State’s Robert Satiacum.



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17 Responses to Clinton Supporters are Doxxing and Harassing Electoral College Members

  1. amwick says:

    Doxxing is like name/address/info dropping… I had to look it up, really. Now I understand that it is not a nice thing at all… but, considering, not a surprise. Hopefully this is a tempest in a teacup. Hopefully.

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  2. stella says:

    Doxxing (or doxing) can be illegal, depending upon the circumstances.

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  3. ImpeachEmAll says:

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    • czarowniczy says:

      This is politics, war by another means. Self-serving propaganda’s just part of the process, and now that we have so many illegals and potential jihadists here whose main interests are getting everything they can for free and destroying their rice bowl in the process we can only expect it to get worse.

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  4. czarowniczy says:

    *SIGH*…back to reloading.
    But seriously folks, the Left, especially under the POtuS, has creasted a dangerous and corrosive core element. Ayers and Dohrn must be rolling on the floor in glee as they see their 70s Weathergarbage being reborn.

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    • Menagerie says:

      Everything old is new again. Always.

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      • czarowniczy says:

        Problem this time is too many Americans have been raised to believe that every ideology is worthy of equal consideration, there are no absolutes and if they just go about living their nonjudgmental lives no one or nothing will hurt them.

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        • stella says:

          Like Bill and Stefan said in the video I posted, most adults don’t remember the good old capitalist days before the 1970’s.

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        • Menagerie says:

          Most people now, including a lot of Trump supporters, believe you can just jump around politically, culturally, and even in your faith and religious life, and no permanent harm is done. Tomorrow someone else can magically fix the massive problems.

          Some things cannot be fixed, some things aren’t easy to fix, and some things people won’t fix, or won’t stay the course to fix.

          I’m glad Trump has a shot at things. But even if he surpasses all expectations and thing turn out better than we all hope, it won’t fix everything, and the idiots will sooner or later come to power again, after having done all the damage they can from the shadows.

          So I will prepare, pray, and savor the moments, as people for generations before us have learned to do. And I will try to help my grandchildren become smarter, stronger, tougher, more faithful better citizens. That’s about it for me. It’ll have to do.

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          • nyetneetot says:

            “So I will prepare, pray, and savor the moments, as people for generations before us have learned to do. And I will try to help my grandchildren become smarter, stronger, tougher, more faithful better citizens. That’s about it for me. It’ll have to do.”

            That is all there ever was. God, yourself, and family.

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  5. Deb Redmon says:

    How much do you want to bet they got their names and personal information straight from the DNC?


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