Amish PAC Needs Volunteer Drivers

amishpacIf you live in Pennsylvania, and are able to volunteer on election day, you can sign up here.

Amish PAC needs volunteers to help drive Amish voters to the polls in Pennsylvania. In addition, if you have any Amish friends or neighbors and would like to give them a ride to the polls on Election Day, Amish PAC will provide you with a prepaid gas card.

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6 Responses to Amish PAC Needs Volunteer Drivers

  1. nyetneetot says:

    So let me get this straight. We have to force any horse and buggy we see off the road, strong arm the people into a bus, drive them kicking and screaming to a poling station to vote, stand in the booth with them to make sure they don’t have any questions, and then.. what? Kind of “catch and release” once they’re done. Leave them on the side of the road with a phone number to UBER?

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  2. Col.(R) Ken says:

    Nye you are comical, really you are and that’s why I always enjoy your posts. All of the Amish around my AO who are registered to vote will either have their buggies ready, or have “drivers” take them to the polls. This depends of their religious affiliation, or Religious order if they are allowed buggies, or drivers. I’m simplifying the differences between the Orders. The Amish who run business do have phones/cell phones also.
    On another subject; do you need a cord of wood (4′-4′-8′) cut and stacked? 2-3 Amish boys, 8-12 years old, will use their chainsaw to cut the wood, hydraulic log splitter to split the wood, then the youngest will stack the wood. In an hour a cord of wood is cut, split, and stacked. Enjoy the fire. And do stay away from the women…….hairy legs/arm pits…..

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    • nyetneetot says:

      LOL! My father took me out to cut wood when I was about 5. I used a splitting maul and sledgehammer while he would fell trees near us. I got to drag, split, and stack wood in the back of an old pickup you could see the road through the floorboard. Then I got to unload and stack again.
      I do recall it taking more than an hour.


    • michellc says:

      And do stay away from the women…….hairy legs/arm pits…..

      That is the truth. At least though most keep it all covered up, but sometimes in the summer they will show their legs from mid-calf to ankle and some have more hair on their legs than my husband does. 🙂
      We have different levels of Amish around us, some that only use horses and wagons, buggies only for Sundays, Funerals and Weddings. Some drive tractors pulling pickup bed trailers everywhere they go and the newest age drive cars. The latter will tell you lots of things, some of those who are of the old sect won’t even speak to you. I’ve always been told by the newest age that those will not register to vote and some who drive tractors also will not register to vote. Yet I’ve been seeing tractors and/or their trailers with Trump signs.

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