LA Times/USC Presidential Poll, November 2, 2016

Outside the margin of error.


The team responsible for the USC Dornsife/LA Times Presidential Election Poll four years ago developed the successful RAND Continuous Presidential Election Poll, which was based on the same methodology.

Details behind the poll:

In Defense of the LA Times Poll


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4 Responses to LA Times/USC Presidential Poll, November 2, 2016

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

    I believe Crooked Hillary is sinking fast in the polls as fast as a cinder block thrown in a river

    With all the information that has finally been put out there it seems to prove Obama never won re-election

    With so many dead people voting for Obama as well as those who voted more than once for him too bad no one challenged it back then

    Romney in no way can be compared to Trump

    Romney was more of the same that the American people did not want and without any backbone

    Trump gives the American people back their smiles and laughter

    Trump not only has the backbone an American President must have especially in today’s world but finally “someone with balls”

    Trump is the complete package 󾓦

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