Republicans On The Ballot in 2016 Who Don’t Support Trump


Thanks to 100PERCENTFEDUP.COM ( for this comprehensive list of Republican politicians up for re-election on November 8 who aren’t supporting Donald Trump for President:

[H/T to Menagerie]

Kelly Ayotte, Senator of New Hampshire
Robert Bentley, Governor of Alabama
Jaime Herrera Beutler, Representative of Washington
Bradley Byrne, Representative of Alabama
Jason Chaffetz, Representative of Utah
Mike Coffman, Representative of Colorado
Barbara Comstock, Representative of Virginia
Michael D. Crapo, Senator of Idaho
Dennis Daugaard, Governor of South Dakota
Rodney Davis, Representative of Illinois
Deb Fischer, Senator of Nebraska
Jeff Flake, Senator of Arizona
Jeff Fortenberry, Representative of Nebraska
Darryl Glenn, Running for Senate from Colorado
Cory Gardner, Senator of Colorado
Scott Garrett, Representative of New Jersey
Kay Granger, Representative of Texas
Cresent Hardy, Representative of Nevada
Bill Haslam, Governor of Tennessee
Joe Heck, Representative of Nevada, running for Senate
Gary R. Herbert, Governor of Utah
Jon M. Huntsman Jr., Former governor of Utah
Will Hurd, Representative of Texas
David Jolly, Representative of Florida

John Kasich, Governor of Ohio
John Katko, Representative of New York
Steve Knight, Representative of California
Mike Lee, Senator of Utah
Frank A. LoBiondo, Representative of New Jersey
Mia Love, Representative of Utah
Susana Martinez, Governor of New Mexico
John McCain, Senator of Arizona
Patrick Meehan, Representative of Pennsylvania
Lisa Murkowski, Senator of Alaska
George E. Pataki, Former governor of New York
Erik Paulsen, Representative of Minnesota
Tim Pawlenty, Former governor of Minnesota
Rob Portman, Senator of Ohio
Martha Roby, Represenative of Alabama
Tom Rooney, Representative of Florida
Brian Sandoval, Governor of Nevada
Mike Simpson, Representative of Idaho
Chris Stewart, Representative of Utah
Dan Sullivan, Senator of Alaska
John Thune, Senator of South Dakota and chairman of the Republican Conference
Fred Upton, Representative of Michigan
Ann Wagner, Representative of Missouri

NOTE: Those in bold are in close races.

Whether or not you choose to support these turncoats in your state is up to you, of course. We certainly don’t want to see the House or Senate majorities lost to the Democrats, but I don’t know how much help these people will lend to a Trump presidency.


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13 Responses to Republicans On The Ballot in 2016 Who Don’t Support Trump

  1. nyetneetot says:

    To be fair to the people of Washington State, many are just there for the money and perks. We’re also heavily invested in things that will be impacted negatively by a Trump administration.
    In fact, I will bet money that the amount of reported data breaches goes way up as the HB1 visa program slows down or ending of offshoring removes access to data here in the US. All the foreign actors will scramble to grab all the information they can before the door slams shut.

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  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    Well…they are swimming in that very same swamp that we need to drain ✌

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  3. lovely says:

    What ? No one from WI?

    So this is a list of republicans who are stabbing Trump through the heart but not the mealy back stabbers like Paul Ryan and his cabal who will be pulling the lever for Hillary when they walk into the seclusion of the voting booth.

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  4. The Tundra PA says:

    It is true that both of Alaska’s US senators do not support Donald Trump. And that disappoints me beyond measure. I expected it from Lisa Murkowski. She is a deep blue RINO who needs to be removed from public service. She did not vote for Obamacare, but she did vote for TARP and every other thing Obama wanted. She is up for re-election in two weeks and DH and I are voting for Joe Miller, who is running as a Libertarian. Miller beat Murkowski in the Republican primary for the Senate in 2010, and then Murkowski ran as a write-in Independent and won. So she returned to Washington, DC as an Independent, not as a Republican. But did not have to give up any of her choice appointments in Republican leadership. Lisa is right up there with Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, in my book.

    When it comes to Dan Sullivan, I feel deeply betrayed. I campaigned for him. I believed in him. And now this. Sullivan was elected in 2014, so he is not up for re-election until 2020.

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