Louisiana Governor Backtracks on Trump Criticism

Questioned by CNN’s Dana Bash on his previous statement, John Bel Edwards said his statement was “mischaracterized”. Said the Trump/Pence visit was ‘helpful’.

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9 Responses to Louisiana Governor Backtracks on Trump Criticism

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    So, the MSM puts out misinformation and then questions everybody about what they think about the misinformation. SMH I just wish everyone in the U.S. could see this clearly.

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  2. WeeWeed says:

    This rat-bastage p.o.s. knows ALL about photo-ops and yer damright he’s asking for $$$$$$$$$$$ that they can skim off of, just like all dem rat-bastages. (Ask anybody about the “road funds” $$$$$ – and why we have the shite-iest roads in the country.) I haven’t seen him unloading a truck, I haven’t seen his ass ANYWHERE. That shite he spewed Friday was panicking-Friday-spin-mode and YOU stupid morons (us) didn’t hear what you think you heard.
    Hell, even my SIL (a contractor) is loading up sheetrock and headed down there tomorrow.

    Photo ops, my ass.

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  3. ImpeachEmAll says:

    So, Taylor Swift donates 1 mm
    and crickets from this interview.

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  4. lovely says:

    Does Dana Bash always almost weep with love at the mere mention of Obama’s name? 🙄

    What a load of malarky.

    Notice the caption and the words of Bash, “The Trump campaign claims it donated $100,000 to relief efforts.”

    How much has the Clinton foundation donated to anything in LA, Dana? Is Clinton even awake, getting a catheter change? Good grief.

    Looks to me like this was Governor Edwards covering not only his ample backside but running interference for that vile piece-o-chit Obama.

    This is what I heard “Listen Dana, it was a real kindness that Obama showed the people of LA, as they suffered a devastating flood, one where lives were lost, homes destroyed, businesses destroyed, one where people are still as I speak struggling through the devastating horrors of this disaster, the worst natural disaster to hit the US since hurricane Sandy. We are forever grateful to Obama for not directing attention our way and making people aware of the hardship that LA is facing.


    Most importantly I want to apologize to President Obama for being a distraction from his perpetual golf outing but really lets be fair if Obama had a bad round of golf it is not his fault it is Trump’s fault for forcing Obama to pay us any attention at all.”

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  5. ImpeachEmAll says:

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  6. czarowniczy says:

    Edwards was elected primarily as the state was sick of Jindal and his opponent was David Vitter…y’all remember him, eh? Republicans handed the election to Edwards.
    He’s also one of those Louisiana Rats who’s more populist than pure Rat. He as a large ‘gimme mo’ free stuff’ base but also a base that wants hands off its guns and doesn’t want higher taxes. He kisses oil’s ass even though he campaigned more or less against them (they let him) while giving big business big breaks.
    I get the feeling that Edwards is not a great Obama lover, he sees Obama heading for the exit and while Trump’s not a Rat favorite he’s big in Louisiana and if Hillary wins Edwards is going to have the fight of his life to get reelected. He’s gotta pull a budget deficit rabbit out of a hat without pissing off business, oil or the professionally consumptive cadre, as well as not further aggrivate the state’s large red population, in order to continue to feed at the trough.


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