Why is Mark Levin so enraged with Sundance & The Conservative Treehouse?


Three days ago, Sundance over at The Conservative Treehouse posted this:

MarkLevinNow whether or not you agree with Sundance’s take on the situation, the facts ARE that the son of Mark Levin’s fiance’ is a staffer for Ted Cruz, and Mark didn’t see fit to mention the potential conflict of interest until he was forced to do so.

The same day that Sundance put up his post, Breitbart also ran this:


I honestly don’t know where Sundance got the information contained in his post, but it is a good guess that he either heard Levin talk about it on his show, somebody who heard it told him, and/or he read the piece over at Breitbart, or some other similar site.

What I am finding very interesting is why Mark Levin is personally going after Sundance.  Take a look at this. It’s a post made yesterday on Mark Levin’s Facebook page:



Since the bare facts are correct – Mark Levin’s fiance’s son is a staffer for Ted Cruz, and Mark didn’t disclose it until it was leaked to the press – why is he bothering to go after a relatively small-time blogger?  I don’t mean to denigrate Sundance and CTH, but let’s face it – he’s not Matt Drudge or Breitbart.

It seems to me that a big-time conservative public celebrity going after a relatively unknown blogger comes across as small, and it will only draw negative attention to himself, rather than to the one he is “calling out”. Frankly, it looks like bullying.

Based on the bare facts, it doesn’t make sense to me.  I mean, if Sundance told lies about Levin, or misrepresented the facts, or threatened Levin in any way, or even mentioned the name of Mark Levin’s fiance or her son, he might have a good reason to be outraged.

The outrage seems out of proportion to the facts.

Sundance didn’t lie about what happened – he just put his own spin on the facts as they exist. He didn’t threaten anybody, and he didn’t “out” any innocent individuals.

Help me out here. I’ve listened to Mark Levin when his show is on and I’m in the car, and even bought one of his books, but I’m not a regular listener to his radio show. Does he do this kind of thing on a regular basis? I understand why he might call out a public figure, or a politician, or even a reporter or another radio personality – but a blogger?

In full disclosure, for those who don’t already know it, I have worked at CTH for a long time as an administrator and sometime writer. I’m just a blogger too. By the way, I haven’t asked Sundance how he happened to write the post that caused this uproar, or where he got the information.

So, what do you think?



P.S.: Doesn’t Mark Levin refer to himself as “The Great One”, or is that only what Hannity called him?


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93 Responses to Why is Mark Levin so enraged with Sundance & The Conservative Treehouse?

  1. I think if we need to circle the wagons I’m in. You know how I feel about that kind of thing.

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  2. Doodahdaze says:

    I missed this Stell. I think I have the answer. It is the “Conservative Misfits” thing he is afraid of. He thinks we are the real Misfits is all I can come up with. 🙂 Unless Bernie called him and warned him. 🙂
    No Marky is not our drummer Mark. This is not us. We are not a rock band. We are a band of simple conservative Misfits. But we are a little socially distorted. Maybe a few of us anyway.
    We just have storys of our lives. We live the life we love, and love the life we live. And we love our CTH Treeps.

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  3. Menagerie says:

    His quote leaves me stone cold. I have never been a worshipper of him, for that is what many of his biggest fans have seemed to me, but that was repulsive and does nothing for his credibility to normal people.

    You can’t be in possession of your faculties, and have a sense of decency and read that without outrage and seeing him as an over important bully. It’s as if he can’t believe anyone questioned him. I think he is a fan. Of himself, as he thinks he is.

    I support and respect Sundance. I don’t always agree with him, of course. I don’t always agree with anyone. But Im not a groupie, and I don’t act irrationally when people have different opinions. He has some supporters who appear to confuse him with a diety. You know what that is about? People who have such a fragile ego that they self identify with everything their idol does, and they can never say that he made a mistake or their own fragile self is threatened. It is pitiful.

    And there are vengeful people who just want to cause trouble always.

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    • ctdar says:

      Totally explains his incessant stand re Cruz eligibility for President. last time I heard him yap about it he wasn’t even considering the other person’s viewpoint or explaining his rational.

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      • michellc says:

        I’m all alone in my immediate family who thinks Cruz is probably eligible, but I don’t tell my kids or husband they are idiots or are dead wrong because they have the right to read it for themselves and form their own opinion.

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      • oldiadguy says:

        What is interesting is the new all encompassing definition of NBC. When I was in high school back in the late 60’s we had a thing called a government/civics class (something they don’t teach much anymore). Mr. Wilson, my favorite history teacher also taught the GC class. While covering the Constitution, we were taught that a NBC was a child born to American citizen parents on American soil. I don’t recall if the definition was in the textbook we were using at the time or was something Mr. Wilson brought out.

        My point is that the definition of a NBC being two American citizen parents born of US soil is nothing new. The only thing new is that lawyers are now revising the meaning into something the Founders apparently did not intend, just because there isn’t a specific definition explained within the Constitution. “The Lawyers” are also the ones who claim the Constitution is a living document that only lawyers and jurist can decipher and interpret, found a new rights within the Constitution to kill your unborn child and brought us the question of what “is” means.

        We, the American citizenry should be the arbitrators of what the Constitution means, specifically the definition of NBC, not the lawyers and jurist who have brought this nation so much woe. What did Shakespeare say in Henry VI? He might have been onto something.

        Take Care

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        • nyetneetot says:

          “We, the American citizenry should be the arbitrators of what the Constitution means, specifically the definition of NBC, not the lawyers and jurist who have brought this nation so much woe. What did Shakespeare say in Henry VI? “

          Socialism strikes again. Contrary to popular contemporary belief, the line, “kill all the lawyers” was not designed to restore sanity to everyday life. It was intended to eliminate those who might stand in the way of a contemplated revolution, to remove the guardians of independent thinking.

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          • oldiadguy says:

            “Socialism strikes again. Contrary to popular contemporary belief, the line, “kill all the lawyers” was not designed to restore sanity to everyday life. It was intended to eliminate those who might stand in the way of a contemplated revolution, to remove the guardians of independent thinking.”

            So you must be into originalism theory with regards to Shakespeare. 🙂

            In Henry VI case, the lawyers were the educated class and were a threat to the power of the king. Today, the lawyers are more often the defenders of the king (power structure) and the oppressors of the people.

            In this instance I’m for The Works od Shakespeare to be “living documents.”


            Take Care

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        • BigMamaTEA says:

          I was just going to “like” your comment oldiadguy; but, I had to jump in. (catching up late) We were taught in Civics/American Government that Natural Born Citizen Status Is Inherited – It’s Not Bestowed by the Constitution or Acts of Congress. You must be a NBC only to the POTUS.

          When I started my own research 10 years ago now, reading original source documentation, that long ago school memory was reinforced. Also, it was important that the “President” also being Commander In Chief, had that extra qualification, due to importance of the Commander of our Military Forces, have no potential divided loyalties.

          Sounds pretty sensible to me.

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  4. WeeWeed says:

    That right there is against twitter policy. They ought to bounce him.

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  5. Annie says:

    The more that Levin sends out remarks like he did on Twitter, the more diminished he becomes in peoples eyes. Those are not remarks of a seasoned lawyer; they are remarks of a person that for some reason has become seriously unhinged. Guess SD will not hear again from Levin, “Our friends over at Conservative Treehouse”.

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  6. jeans2nd says:

    I listen to all these guys, read alot, including the left-wing sites. I commented what I heard on Levin’s show at CTH. It is the truth. I heard it, and wrote what I heard.

    What I cannot grasp is, why do these people who are “believers” believe everything they hear or read? I make it an intellectual excercise to see how fast I can destroy their arguments (0 seconds for Levin and many others). And question everything. Why would Levin (or anyone) think that Sundance is just one person? Levin does not work alone, none of them do. Does Sundance stay up all night moderating, then spend all day in research and writing all those articles? But, it is also quite possible that he (she?) does. And Levin “outing” him (her? them?) would certainly result in a lawsuit, should they have the money to do so.

    And yes, Levin does this regularly, especially to callers who disagree with him. He will start yelling at them and calling them names. Limbaugh and Savage do not. Neither does Sundance (or Stella). That says something. Folks like Rachael Maddow also have some great pieces, altho I cannot agree with her POV at times.

    I listen to and talk with all kinds of people here. Ultimately, I only know my area’s POV. And no one “demographic” is monolithic. Every single one is unique.

    Full disclosure – I started (and ended) in politics with Young Republicans for Nixon, before being old enough to vote. It made me a committed cynic. And yes, many of you folks here are greatly missed. I have read the old posts/comments at CTH. Am grateful to have found many of you here.

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  7. michellc says:

    I’ve always liked Levin and have a few of his books.

    I was disappointed in him first not disclosing his future stepson, it came off as hypocritical and then his tone after he did came off as defensive and petty, not to mention stupid imho. The whole thing about a campaign was out to smear him when it’s pretty easy for people to find out who works in Senate offices. That is something he should have known.

    I don’t follow him on FB and I don’t do twitter, but this sounds very vindictive and a warning to SD that he’s a big guy who can and will out his private information. That pisses me off and it would piss me off regardless of who he was doing it to. I have lost all respect I had for him.

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  8. Ha I’m still all mad. You guys are all so thoughtful and well reasoned and I’m stomping around like a baby T-Rex.

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  9. Col.(R) Ken says:

    Wow!!! I’m out doing my good deeds for the day, then all H$LL breaks loose! So I’ll make this short, do I have too strap my Colts on? Or yell: “Rough Riders!! Saddle Up”! Does Sundance need protection, somebody to cover his 6. From what I can piece together Sundance Bit$$h slapped Levin, and Levin threatened too out him? Standing by, awaiting orders.

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  10. MaryfromMarin says:

    “Next week, East Lynne.”

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  11. Adele denDulk says:

    In my humble opinion as a fraud auditor – whenever someone gets caught they get defensive – automatic reaction
    Whether he thought it was important or not – he should have made a full disclosure
    Honesty is always the best policy!!!

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  12. michellc says:

    I know nothing about this blog, but they might find themselves in Levin’s crosshairs.


    Is Mark Levin Crazy?
    By Andrew Zarowny

    I apologize for the title. I do not mean to focus solely on the so-called ′Great One′, radio talk host Mark Levin. There are plenty of other ′Cucks′ out there to choose from. Take Glenn Beck, whom, yesterday, vowed to vote for Bernie Sanders over Donald Trump. Is he crazy? Yep, bat-s#*t crazy! So, too, is Mark Levin.

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  13. TexasRanger says:

    Mark Levin Is Doing Some Very Good Promotion and Advertising For Sundance and The CTH, Although That Is Certainly Not His Intent.!

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  14. CMDCMRET says:

    Very disappointed in Levin and didn’t realize that inauspicious beginnings should be cause for shame, whether true or not. Suppose I’ll just stop enjoying my own success, drop my head, crawl over to Levins sight, and beg for acceptance and forgiveness for having begun my workaday life washing dishes, detassling corn, hauling hay, and mowing lawns. Sundance must be a loser, I sure am.

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