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Today’s Twitter hits …

The climate change “leaders” never have to deal with the policies they promote. The message is that if you have enough money you can do whatever you like. The rest of us will be forced vegans living in small huts without air conditioning or heat.

So. What can be done about this?

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Trump Administration announces new illegal alien family detention rule

After court challenges, it remains to be seen if this new rule will stand. It will not take effect for at least 60 days, and possibly longer.


The Trump administration on Wednesday unveiled new rules that would allow officials to detain migrant families indefinitely while judges consider whether to grant them asylum in the United States.

The new rules, which are certain to draw a legal challenge, would replace a 1997 legal agreement that limits the amount of time U.S. immigration authorities can detain migrant children. The agreement is generally interpreted as meaning families must be released within 20 days.

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It’s Doggityday!

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General Discussion, Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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President Trump’s meeting at the White House with Romanian president, Klaus Iohannis

President Trump and Romanian President Klaus Iohannis participate in a bilateral meeting.

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Today’s Twitter hits …

I agree. Meanwhile, the left and their partners in the media are calling for recession!

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