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Media pundits fuel violent protests like Minneapolis

The Chauvin trial is not even concluded, and rioting has already begun in the Minneapolis area, albeit because of a different incident. This is not protest. It is taking advantage of a situation to steal and destroy.

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Bill Whittle: Clues from the Mural Mystery: Understanding the Black Death That’s Killing Our Society

He isn’t talking about Covid.

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Is Spring really here?

Have you ever noticed that one sunny day when you are driving or walking down your street there seems to be a green haze in the air, as the leaves unfurl? Even though you have been waiting and watching for … Continue reading

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Tucker: Our military leadership has gone ‘woke’

This is alarming and shocking. I didn’t realize how bad this has become.

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How C.S. Lewis Predicted the Woke Nightmare

H/T MaryfromMarin!! TOWNHALL “We now have an intelligentsia which, though very small, is very useful to the cause of Hell.” –C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters A masterful piece of religious prose disguised as satire, C.S. Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters is … Continue reading

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

For all of my Irish, part Irish, wish-you-were Irish, and temporarily Irish friends, I lift a glass to your health and happiness! An old Irish/Celtic folk song Of all the money, e’er I had, I spent it in good company, … Continue reading

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What to eat on St. Patrick’s Day?

This ^^^ is what I am eating on St. Patrick’s Day! The traditional favorite, accompanied by root veggies and cabbage. My mother called it a “boiled dinner”, and she also made that with ham, as well as corned beef. There … Continue reading

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Today’s Twitter pick

Top Biden advisor and Covid alarmist Andy Slavitt was asked on Fox News to explain this. He couldn’t. The excerpt below is from an AP dispatch. — Brit Hume (@brithume) March 13, 2021

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Intellectual Froglegs – DC vs America!

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Today’s Twitter pick …

The big Twitter trending story of the day. My take? I didn’t watch, but this is ridiculous. Two rich entitled people living in splendor in paradise are bitching about their lot in life. Give me a break. WATCH: @Oprah asks … Continue reading

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