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Ep. 89: Ahmaud Arbery; Canada Stuffs; Read / Lubbock Shooting; Maxwell; Potter & MORE! Viva & Barnes

Big week. McMichaels conviction. Another shooting. Canada law stuffs. Ghislaine Maxwell trial to begin. Kim Potter trial to begin. AND MORE! Viva & Barnes LIVE!

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Why is Emerald Robinson being punished by NewsMax and Twitter?

Emerald Robinson is/was a Washington, DC correspondent for NewsMax. What has she done that is so egregious that her employer has suspended her? and Twitter has suspended her account? Well, it seems that Ms Robinson has been doing some investigative … Continue reading

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Twitter find: American under attack, part three

For workers who don’t want to get the vaccine, “a limited period of counseling and education, followed by additional disciplinary measures” may be necessary, according to the White House. “Removal occurs only after continued noncompliance.” — Sharyl Attkisson🕵️‍♂️ (@SharylAttkisson) November … Continue reading

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Covid vaccination mandates

First of all, this is what I believe about Covid vaccinations: Each individual should make the decision whether or not to be vaccinated, and we should respect the decision of others. Vaccines should not be mandated by government, and businesses … Continue reading

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Florida’s Governor DeSantis’ Covid measures pay off!

Congratulations to Florida and Governor DeSantis!For all of those Twitter warriors insist that Florida has killed more people during the “Delta” variant, I’ll just put this chart here. Both New Jersey and New York have had more deaths per 100,000 … Continue reading

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Things I’ve wondered about Covid

While there is much “information” in the media about Covid – statistics about hospitalizations and deaths, government mandates and restrictions, treatments and vaccines – there are some other questions that never seem to be asked or answered. Here are two … Continue reading

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Governor DeSantis’ press conference in Venice, FL

Gov. Ron DeSantis is speaking at a press conference in North Venice, Florida, with Department of Transportation Secretary Kevin Thibault and VISIT Florida President & CEO Dana Young.

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Tucker Carlson interviews Governor Ron DeSantis

Do you know how well Florida is doing with Covid? The media won’t tell you because it doesn’t back up their support for vaccine mandates and government rules. The governor supports the law passed by the Florida legislature stopping businesses … Continue reading

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Twitter pick – Covid automation

People wearing masks in their profile pics would unironically support this. — Paul Joseph Watson (@PrisonPlanet) October 20, 2021

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Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue . . .

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