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Questionable mass shooting study hyped by media and politicians

This John Stossel video is from late 2018, but it is interesting for one big reason: The study in question has been widely used to promote gun control in the United States. The man who produced the study refuses to … Continue reading

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Florida Ag Commissioner, Enemy Of DeSantis, Suspends Conceal Carry Permits Of 22 Citizens

Florida Ag Commissioner Nikki Fried, who is running against Ron DeSantis for Governor in 2022, stripped 22 citizens of their concealed carry permits. I just suspended the concealed weapons permits of 22 people involved in the insurrection against the United … Continue reading

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Today’s Quote – Constitutional Rights

Meaning of the 2nd amendment, straight from the horse’s mouth. Someone should send this to Joe Biden.

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Meme pick of the day . . .

An oldie but goodie!

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More government mismanagement – or malfeasance?

I don’t know the motive behind the AP investigation (possibly some kind of anti-2nd amendment effort?), but I decided to post this anyway. Reported on, referencing an Associated Press investigation: In the first public accounting of its kind in … Continue reading

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Sidebar with Firearm & Criminal Attorney Ian Runkle – Viva & Barnes Live

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Ep. 64: 2nd Amendment Win; Chauvin Update; Project Veritas; Netflix Defamation & MORE! Viva & Barnes

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Ep. 59: Chauvin; Giuliani RAIDED; O’Keefe; Qualified Immunity; 2nd Amendment; CHOP Lawsuit & MORE!

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Ep. 56: Chauvin Trial; Covid Victories; Jacobson Revisited; Biden 2A; Thomas; Barstool & MORE!

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Today’s cartoon pick

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