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Twitter picks – righteous protest

Our right as citizens as described in the First Amendment to the Constitution, and our obligation! Some Twitter warriors disagree (when it’s a Democrat President): Booing the President of the United States is very messed up, in any context. — … Continue reading

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Ep. 80: Flaccid Insurrection? 1st Amendment Victory! Trump v. NYT & MORE! Viva & Barnes LIVE

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School board tyranny & critical race theory

Remember the man who told off the Pennsbury School Board? His name is Simon Campbell. The original post (Free Speech in action!) is linked below. Mr. Campbell now has a YouTube channel, and his aim is to be, as he … Continue reading

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Today’s Twitter picks – social media

I‘m even more glad that I quit Facebook. um what? — Jenna Ellis (@JennaEllisEsq) July 1, 2021 It got more interesting today. A FB friend got the first message. After viewing their post about it, I got the second … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson – The NSA Is Spying On This Show, Attempting To Cancel It

I suppose that this shouldn’t be surprising but, frankly, I’m amazed! Seems that the NSA has been spying on Tucker Carlson. He knows this is true because a whistle blower contacted him and gave him enough information about his private … Continue reading

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Free Speech in action!

It took a man who was born in England named Simon Campbell to point out to the local school board that free speech must be allowed in public meetings and that any attempt to censor such speech is unconstitutional. Levittown … Continue reading

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Artur Pawlowski ARRESTED! Oh, Canada! Viva on the Street Update

Things have been bad enough here in the United States. Can you imagine where we would be without the 1st amendment, which protects free speech and religion? This is what is happening in Canada, which I have always believed to … Continue reading

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LIVE: President Trump Impeachment Trial: Day 3

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Robert Barnes, David Freiheit, Eugene Volokh and Mike Bayer: Free Speech

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Today’s meme pick …

The real irony here is that “Democracy dies in darkness” is the official slogan of the Washington Post.

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