General Discussion, Thursday, February 2, 2023


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16 Responses to General Discussion, Thursday, February 2, 2023

  1. WeeWeed says:

    Makes more sense than some explanations. Mornin’ y’all!

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  2. Stella says:

    Morning everybody! Sunny, but cold, here today.

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  3. auscitizenmom says:

    Afternoon All. 18* here (at least it is over 0*). Blue skies with pretty clouds. They finally got the sidewalks cleared off. I couldn’t believe how much work that was. The guy drove a snowblower over them several times, then a woman came by and used a shovel to clear it off better, then put down some of the ice melt stuff. They still haven’t gotten the driveway cleared off well. Not a problem in Florida. 🙄

    I talked to a friend in Texas yesterday. Her husband drives a truck for Fed Ex and is laid off for a couple of months. Fed Ex is not delivering at all for now. They are trying to keep people off the roads there. She said there are slight inclines in the road there and people can’t even get their cars to go up the inclines to go home. It is pretty much a mess.

    Hopefully all in the path of the ice storm are warm and comfortable as well as safe.

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  4. Lucille says:

    This Sheep Lost 30 Pounds of Wool And Can’t Stop Hopping Around
    The Dodo – Posted 2/2/23

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  5. Lucille says:

    Punxsutawney Phil Emerges From Burrow To Let Everyone Know There Are Some Documents Marked ‘Classified’ Down There
    Feb 2, 2023 ·

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