Why the tyrannical push for Covid vaccination?

Tucker and Eva Vlaardingerbroek discuss this question. What is going on all over the world is obviously (to me) a coordinated cartel-like push to control all of us. Possibly even more alarming is the media’s willingness to slant the “news” to support these efforts.

Eva Vlaardingerbroek joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the global protests against tyrannical government overreach. These mandates all stem from the goals and directives of the Great Reset movement by the World Economic Forum (a movement which the Biden Administration is a part of).

Why has the mainstream American news media neglected to cover any of these protests, which as we’ve covered, have been happening for more than a year? And how does all this tie into the Great Reset? Eva explains how the implementation of the digital ID in Europe will be connected with new digital currency, essentially enslaving all citizens to the government’s will.

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4 Responses to Why the tyrannical push for Covid vaccination?

  1. Pa Hermit says:

    With the way the Dems are headed, they now must be all in on this to save their Party. Otherwise, they will travel down that road that the Whigs travelled.


  2. texan59 says:

    We all know why the media isn’t covering this.


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