What will our election results be?

The other side (otherwise known as the lefties) have been telling us since the election that Joe Biden is our next President.

The Trump Team has assured us that they have proof of election tampering: votes by the dead,  votes double and triple counted, votes by the same people in multiple states, votes by the nonexistent, voting machine rigging.

Tucker Carlson has publicly questioned the veracity of Sidney Powell, DEMANDING that the evidence be presented to him RIGHT NOW! Others, like Brit Hume are following along.

Then there are the “Never Trumpers”. Enough said.

Here is what I think:

If the Trump Team has the evidence, we will find out about it before the vote needs to be certified – which is in the next couple of weeks. Why should they bother to LIE about it if they don’t have it?

If Tucker Carlson and his friends want evidence, how about going out and doing some investigative journalism to see if the evidence exists? They are supposed to be journalists. Journalists COLLECT information as well as presenting it. So collect it!

Dinesh D’Souza asks some great questions in this video, ones that he points out are open for investigative reporting. He points out that “the reason we have a press in this country is to apply an independent lens, a critical lens if you will, on what is happening.” Sidney Powell is not needed in order to answer these questions.

  1. Isn’t it true that these Democrat cities like Philadelphia have a long and documented history of vote fraud.
  2. Is it true that American votes are being processed, counted, tabulated in foreign countries?
  3. Can the voting machines be manipulated?”

Journalists probably could answer these questions, but they don’t seem to be even trying. Why is that?

He points out that there are numerous affidavits and whistle blowers. Are they investigating these claims?

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5 Responses to What will our election results be?

  1. lovely says:

    Breaking Report: Largest Number of Cluster Votes In Wayne Co. MI Came From Psychiatric Hospital For Patients With Severe Mental Illness


    As to Tucker Carlson I was always been uncomfortable with the platform that he gives the Leftist Loons, he has made this far more on charm and engaging with the Leftist of the Left than actual journalism.

    Lesson learned.

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  2. mugzey302 says:

    Sydney told them in the press conference exactly how to find the data and they could do their own analysis. Dr. Shiva has too. Tucker demands that she hand over EVIDENCE before it can be presented to the court. Shove it, Tucker. You’re the same yipping jackal as Acosta from CNN.

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  3. Lucille says:

    After watching the D’Souza video I got to thinking about what the Left has done to the people of our nation–and not just those on President Trump’s side, but to their own side.

    One of the many terrible things about the 2020 election is the Left’s encouragement and approval of dishonesty, but beyond that criminality. It’s not a surprise, of course. That’s been the M.O. of communists since Marx. “By any means necessary.”

    But corrupting poll workers, as lefties have done all across the nation and which I believe will be proven in the court cases, is unconscionable. They urged these workers to think there was a necessity to rid America of a President who actually puts them first, and that they should do it by falsifying votes, stealing votes, eliminating votes, and tearing up election law. The Left made these folks think they were being virtuous when it is just the opposite. By choosing not to check out the lies, the workers will end up with lost liberties and freedom and perhaps even jail time.

    It shows how much the Left hates honor and with jettisoning honor, they reveal how much they despise humanity. Chilling!

    Now we have people like Carlson who, for reasons perhaps also chilling–such as this snotty and self-righteous person he now presents being the real Tucker and the former stance was just a way to make money off those on the right–chooses to insult, disrespect and go after a patriotic warrior attorney for not revealing election malfeasance evidence to him FIRST rather than in the court filings.

    As Dinesh indicates, there are certainly other ways to get the information. Makes me wonder if he has ever done his own research or has he relied on paid assistants who received no accolades or glory so that he could hog it all? Is he just another great big phony after all? Et tu, Tucker? Does he even care that America is in crisis and may suffer the fate of becoming socialist…that very thought makes me sick at heart. To say the least, Carlson is a monstrous disappointment.

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  4. auscitizenmom says:

    Yeah, disappointed with Tucker.

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  5. jeans2nd says:

    There is more court action going on aside from the efforts of Team Trump. Several attorneys have filed locally, within their own state, more than we are aware.

    None of these attorneys are lying, nor embellishing, imo. All have too much to lose.
    But i don’t think all will be resolved by 14 Dec 2020 when the Electoral College meets, and i would lay odds that date will mean nothing to Pres Trump.
    Our drop-dead date is 20 Jan 2021 at high noon, and even that date may mean nothing if the Truth is not completely out..

    Investigative journalism was dead long ago. “Journalists” are an annoyance at best.
    Tucker? Meh. Inconsequential, except to himself.

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