Jerry Nadler’s Kangaroo Court …

You have undoubtedly seen news coverage of this unbelievable behavior by Nadler etal yesterday, but this analysis by Viva Frei is interesting.

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18 Responses to Jerry Nadler’s Kangaroo Court …

  1. lovely says:

    William Barr Has Suddenly Become Chatty—and He’s Provided Quite an Information Dump

    Something that many folks are missing;

    12. Contrary to much reporting, Horowitz didn’t rule out improper motive; he didn’t find documentary or testimonial evidence of improper motive. Those are two different things.

    Rule of law.


    • rumpole2 says:

      Barr becoming “chatty” is not necessarily a good sign IMO.
      I kinda prefer it if the AG keeps quiet., but is overseeing an investigation, by investigators/prosecutors doing real Criminal Investigation in the background. It would be nice if Durham was doing far reaching Criminal Investigations, but we have been given such false hope several time in the past 4 years. As I posted before, Tom Fitton (Judicial Watch) is skeptical that a big Durham investigation is underway, and I have grown to think that the extent of the crimes, and the prominent people involved ( all the way up to Obama), mean that there wont be any indictments. My guess is that even Trump will go along with that. Indicting all the top names in DC is “civil war” territory.

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      • lovely says:

        I agree with the idea of silent prosecutors.

        Barr has been silent.

        A time to kill a time heal. A time for silence a time for words.

        I believe what we are seeing is the manipulation of the opposition.

        Barr wasn’t speaking to the moaning and groaning President Trump supporters who want their bellies scratched and scratched now, Barr was sending a clear warning signal to the Coup Crew.

        Pure strategy.

        The top tier folks who surround the president are masters at setting the stage. There is a reason that Barr has not said something like this before, now is the time to stir the psychological pot of the enemies mind. That means something has changed on the battlefield because a man of knowledge and insight is introducing a new weapon into the game.

        What we know about the Coup Crew is that they are all 100% self interested and after decades of being in power and maintaining that power by sticking together, in the era of Trump, that protective force is slipping away. Notice Brennan and Clapper have gone rather silent lately?

        Notice Comey’s nutty response “So, it has all been a lie.”

        Remember Hillary said “If that fu**ing bastard wins we’ll all hang from nooses!”

        Hillary for all her faults and putrid evil is not among the deluded who believe that they are untouchable, she is well aware of the fact that her freedom hinges on some very precarious peaks.

        These anti-Americans have depended on people they own running interference 24/7/365. The interference only works if no one gets caught and if no one prosecutes the person caught. From what President Trump, AG Barr, Rudy Giuliani, George Papadopoulos, Jim Hoft and many others who have far more knowledge and insight than the average unconnected person has, we know that evidence is already in to put a lot of these folks away for a very long time.

        They are dominoes. Every single one of them will throw the next one under the bus as soon as they find out that they are on the chopping block.

        And given the nonsense of the so called “impeachment” hearing and the articles of impeachment the enemies of our Republic have not learned a single thing since citizen Trump became President Trump. This gives President Trump and his team a huge advantage. President Trump has proven over and again that he is meticulous, keeps score and is patient beyond a reasonable man’s patience.

        It’s a waiting game.

        They went after President Trump’s country, his family, his livelihood, his friends and his honor. Anyone who is paying attention to President Trump knows that the outcome of this is not going to be pretty for the folks who have drawn first blood.

        As to the time it is taking;

        As AG Bill Barr said ”These things take time.”

        “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
        ― Napoleon Bonaparte

        “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” __Sun-Tzu


        Nothing in life is guaranteed but I’d put my money of President Trump, strategy, the rule of law, and patriots any day of the week.

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        • rumpole2 says:

          Umm… waiting game?

          That is what they said about Comey investigating Hillary… then Sessions… then Huber…. and of course Horowitz (4 times)… and various other “Plans” that many are STILL waiting for. Durham was said to be doing investigations some time ago… month? and still we wait. I see the word is….. there are many more months to wait for any word from Durham.

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          • lovely says:

            I’m not worried about what other’s have said. I pay attention to what people who know what is going on do and say. That eliminates anyone who says “If inlay President would do this or that” those people immediately get put on my “Dale” list.

            Folks always want to show off their insider knowledge and insight from anonymous twitter accounts to well established internet personalities. They almost always get it wrong and then just keep on rolling like they never make wrong prediction after wrong prediction.


            Who cares.

            That doesn’t have any bearing on reality.

            People are brainwashed, they think court and police shows are accurate portrayals of our criminal justice system.

            What President Trump is trying to achieve is unprecedented, the roots of the anti-American oligarchs are over a century old. Rooting out the malfeasance in the American government is a Herculean task. Almost equivalent to the Thomas Aquinas analogy of emptying the ocean with a tea spoon.

            So yes it is waiting game, that is a perfectly rational view, we are a nation of laws not men, so those trying to right this ship are going to cross ever t and dot every i. That is the way it works in reality. I for one am not at all surprised at the length of time it is taking for the wheels of justice to turn.


            • rumpole2 says:

              I appreciate that “Rome wasn’t built in a day”… it could take a long time to fix what has has happened over many years, but…. my point is that we have recently been Waiting.. having been led to believe that things had at least started behind the scenes.. when they HAD NOT.
              I am quite prepared to wait for as long as it takes for Durham to investigate…. I just see no sign that serious investigations have even STARTED 🙂

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  2. rumpole2 says:

    The DIMS did not like Trump winning and so planned to Impeach him from the moment he won the election
    It seems to me like a “no-brainer”…
    You CAN NOT allow an opposition party to keep laying spurious charges against a President simply because they dont like him. If they retain control of the House, they could keep doing this for 5 more years! What limits FALSE accusations in normal legal proceedings are the CONSEQUENCES of making FALSE ACCUSATIONS, and the same sort of thing should apply to false Impeachment charges. If an Impeachment goes to TRIAL in the Senate, and fails to be upheld (The President acquitted in effect) then then those who promoted the trial in the HOUSE should be punished… maybe the “ring leaders” should be removed from office.


  3. litenmaus says:

    Had never seen a Vivi Frei Vlawg before this one Stella, so wasn’t sure what to expect. Frei presents the belief that the Judicial Committee using Attorney Berke, ‘witness & panel questioner’ during the inquisition hearings, was justifiable under Resolution 660. I agree with his reasonings and enjoyed the presentation. Thanks for the introduction. :0)

    Once Resolution 660 was in place, the Democrats were positioned with legal legislative authority to break or make any ‘rules’ they so chose or choose. The Republicans should have been screaming about the usurpation of power from day one that Resolution 660 was passed, however they stayed silent. Now the Republicans appear aghast and we are led to believe that we should be appalled that the Dems would do all these nasty terrible things that they have the legislative and legal right to do.

    Never in the halls of Congress should Resolution 660 have been passed, but here we are.

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  4. rumpole2 says:

    Just to let US peeps know how BAD UK media is…. TDS being very strong..

    I just saw this as a “Guardian” update:

    Trump: “I’ll do whatever I want”

    Most of what Donald Trump just said in the Oval Office about impeachment add up to utter rubbish, so rather than fan those flames, we’ll limit it to the most useful quote, when he was asked by pool reporters: “Do you prefer a long Senate trial or a short one?”

    The president said:

    “I’ll do whatever I want. Look there is – we did nothing wrong. So I’ll do long, or short. I’ve heard Mitch, I’ve heard Lindsey. I think they are very much in agreement on some concept.”


  5. auscitizenmom says:

    This whole thing is a farce.


  6. rumpole2 says:

    The Vote
    Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) missed the vote because he was recovering from a heart procedure


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