Video of the day …

Because this is one of my favorite piano pieces. He plays this very aggressively, which I think is the way it should be played. Every pianist has his own interpretation, which is what makes music so interesting.

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5 Responses to Video of the day …

  1. bjosz says:

    Wow! He puts a lot into that playing. I like his expressions. 🙂

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    • stella says:

      Reading the comments on Facebook is fun. It’s amazing the number of people who don’t approve of his treatment of Chopin. You’ll see comments about Chopin rolling in his grave etc.

      That is a very difficult piece to play, I am told.

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  2. jeans2nd says:

    The pianist enjoys playing the piece so much the listener enjoys the music through the artist’s enthusiasm. No better way to play. imo
    Why oh why did we eliminate the arts in favor of STEM? The Uzbecks have adopted STEAM which includes the Arts, as the Uzbecks cannot see innovation in technology without including the artistry and creativity learned through the arts. Very wise people.

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  3. stella says:

    This is a beautiful interpretation of the same piece. Very clean and precise.


    • stella says:

      This artist is Polish and even said to look something like Chopin! His name is Rafał Blechacz, and this performance is early in his career, when he was 21!


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