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  1. auscitizenmom says:

    I don’t think it should be that hard to find out who the organizers are and detain ALL of them. That would cause a stir. Unfortunately, the other countries really don’t want to do that.


  2. We need to go to real, actual war with Mexico. They are allowing a WW2-size infantry division of mostly males between 12 and 40 to travel through their country, more than 10,000 of them, from Honduras and Guatemala, and enabling them and giving them aid in doing so, for the express purpose of invading our Nation.


    We as a Nation are sitting at a chessboard, across from an opponent (Soros and foreign Nationals).

    We as a Nation see the opponent move a piece, and we say, “No, I don’t like chess.” The moderator (God), says “Is that your move then?” We say, “Yep.”. They move another piece. It’s our turn again. We again say, “No, I don’t want war.” They move another piece. We say, “Still not playing your silly game.”, because we don’t like war.

    We are no longer a Nation, by any sensible definition of the word. Our prosperous people have one or two children. The opponents have 12. Each. Do the math, and grieve for the demise of the greatest Nation this world had seen. It’s gone. We are no longer a Nation.

    What needs to happen won’t, until The U.S.A. is Mexico, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, and all of Central America. And we will reach that stage unless something is done on the level of WW2.


  3. Of course my comment isn’t accepted. Because it’s truth. WordPress wouldn’t want THAT.


  4. Why hasn’t the CIA killed Soros yet?

    Could it be because the CIA is Deep State and in bed with him?

    Of course it could.

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    • hocuspocus13 says:

      I’d settle for Soros to drop dead!


      • stella says:

        The problem here is that it wouldn’t matter. Soros has a foundation set up that will continue whether or not he is alive or dead. He has six children, and at least a couple of them are with their father idealogically.

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        • Sigh. True.

          I wish I could move to Japan, or Poland. Even if I did, I or my great-grandchildren would never be Japanese, or Polish. Same with our invaders. They will never, ever be American. Just like Syrians will never be French or British or Michigander. They will always and forever be Syrians living in France, GB, and Michigan, continuing to be Syrians.

          This isn’t magic dirt. And it’s no longer a Nation. And I don’t see a way out. Outside Divine intervention, it’s pretty much hopeless at this point.

          I’m glad that Poland and Japan exist. Even China and Russia. They also understand this basic truth. Diversity + Proximity = Conflict. And several other nations that police their borders and their citizenship. I don’t see any hope for most Western Nations, at all. No matter how hard I try, I can’t see any hope.


          • I understood D+P=C when I was in grade school and high school, in a 50/50 black/white school. It’s true, and absolute. Everywhere on earth.


            • Ask Detroit’s former white residents. They know. Or Benton Harbor’s. Or Covert’s (my hometown, where my great grandfather lived and the town was thriving).

              Look at them now.

              See America.


          • stella says:

            Wooly, the United States is the only country in the world where you can become an AMERICAN! Only those who wish to be members of their home country will remain so. If they want to become Americans, they can. Just like my Bavarian great grandfather and great grandmother and their children became Americans. Watch the PragerU video I posted this morning.

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            • And yet, unlike your ancestors, they are all waving the flags of their own nations, while seeking to come here, and when they get here, they continue to wave the flags of their own nations, and continue to espouse the belief systems and politics of their own nations and cultures once they get here.

              I don’t know anything any more. I’m clueless at this point.

              What would Nigeria, say, be, if a million Chinese decided to invade and set a foothold?

              Would it still be Nigerian culture? Or would it become Chinese culture?

              Did the pilgrims from Scotland and England become Indians? Did they live in wigwams and divide into tribal groups when they came here, and neglect modernity?

              No? What do you expect millions of invaders to do to our nation, then?

              I am without adequate words.


          • Menagerie says:

            Wooly, it isn’t all good. For example, half breed children in Japan are outcasts, or at least they used to be, just like in Korea. I am guessing that hasn’t changed much. The why is the nationalism you are fond of, and there are positive points to it, but it must come at a price, and one such price is victimization of innocent children.

            I have a relative who has chosen to immigrate to Poland and has a family there. Overall I celebrate their nationalism, but every once in a while I catch references of things that don’t line up exactly with Jewish history in Poland and their treatment during World War II.

            Did you watch the Prager video Stella posted today? I actually like that we were formed E Pluribus Unum. Yes, we have a great history of many nationalities who came here wanting to BE American. I think that is our problem today. We want to settle for what Europe has done (again, see the video) when what we did is so much better.

            I want immigration to be controlled and legal, and I look forward to many more generations added to our melting pot.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      Probably same reason why the FSS hasn’t zapped his ass with a Novichok/sarin/ricin yet, too hard to get that close to him. That guy’s the equivalent of a political 12-point buck.


  5. stella says:


    • czarowniczy says:

      Where are the hellfire-equipped drones when you need them?
      I can see this mass of locusts actually getting in, being granted all of the financial and personal supports the Rat safety net can offer and then being salted through the Red states.


  6. stella says:


    • Why are you proving my point above with this?

      I don’t understand.


      • stella says:

        There are people like this. Not everyone is like this. That is your error in reasoning. Sweeping generalizations.

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        • Only one person in the crowd has to hold the flag. The rest rally and continue to march to the image of that flag. They did this in Chicago a few years ago, and I said the same thing. “If you see a crowd of people marching in your town, holding the flag of another nation not your own, and chanting a language you can’t understand… you still know what they are saying.”

          They don’t want to be Americans. Regardless of whether we can comprende.

          They are an invading force.


          • stella says:

            The point is, again, that this person – or this group of people – do NOT represent all of the immigrants (legal and illegal) who come to our country each year. Even 10,000 people are only 1% of the total immigrants to the USA each year. Many – probably most – want to assimilate. Don’t judge those who make the news (bad people and things always make the news) to be representative of the good and ordinary people who do not.

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            • jeans2nd says:

              Does the part of them coming here illegally mean anything? Anything at all?
              The one million immigrants that come through our immigration system come here legally.

              My gparents came here legally.
              Your gparents came here legally.
              Gpa Eliisias spoke with an extremely thick Norwegian accent. When asked his nationality, GPa Elisias always replied “American.” Were we never allowed to speak Norwegian or Danish, although Nannie did teach me (only me) to count in Dane.

              That is the difference, Stella. Legal vs illegal. Wanting to be American vs wanting to bring their own country here as an invading force.
              We could use a Teddy Roosevelt or Andrew Jackson about now.


              • stella says:

                Yes, I understand that. The thing is, we must not forget the legal immigrants, and that we are still a country where they wish to be Americans along with us. If you haven’t watched the PragerU video I posted earlier, please do.

                10,000 is a great many people, but only 1% of a million.


              • stella says:

                Jeans, I was answering several of Wooly’s comments. One thing he says is that immigrants (not just illegals, if I understood him correctly) will never be Americans. I don’t believe that.


  7. stella says:

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  8. stella says:

    “It’s a chance not to have to pay the smugglers.”

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  9. NC Nana says:

    Read James Wood’s tweets then read this article from Breitbart.

    The article contains such headline statements as

    Arduous Walk

    We Would Do Anything,
    ….except bad things

    There Are More Sick People

    These well paid NPC propagandists are a joke. The disappointment is that Breitbart is joining the propaganda

    Arduous walk:

    “Thousands of Central American migrants hoping to reach the U.S. were deciding Monday whether to rest in this southern Mexico town or resume their arduous walk through Mexico as President Donald Trump rained more threats on their governments.”

    “We would do anything, except bad things.”

    “The goal is to reach the (U.S.) border,” she said. “We only want to work and if a job turns up in Mexico, I would do it. We would do anything, except bad things.”

    “There are more sick people. It’s better that we rest today,” she said.

    “… her swollen feet stretched out in front of her, wrapped in bandages applied by paramedics. Blisters had formed on her feet from the cheap plastic sandals she wears. “There are more sick people. It’s better that we rest today,” she said.

    My personal response:

    You had to take that arduous walk all the way to the bus?? Was it up hill through the icy snow??

    You would do anything except bad things? What are all those photos of the beaten bloody police? You don’t consider that bad???

    Ohhhh, there are more sick people from blisters walking all the way to the bus??? Here’s an idea, stay home.


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    • NC Nana says:

      I forgot to include this in my above comment about the Breitbart article. It is so disingenuous I had to come back to add it.:

      “it swelled to an estimated 7,000 Monday after many migrants found ways to cross from Guatemala into southern Mexico as police blocked the official crossing point.”

      They found ways to cross from Guatemala? Yeah right. I wonder if this “way” is provided by the same people that paid the Kavanaugh protesters??


  10. I would only walk that far to witness the Deep State and it’s sycophants hanged, en masse.

    On broken glass. On my hands and knees.


  11. You may not want war, but it wants you, and all that you hold dear.

    Step away from the chessboard at your whim, and peril.

    Reason doesn’t work on a chessboard. Conversation doesn’t do a darned thing on a chessboard.

    Stepping away mid-match on a chessboard doesn’t work either.


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