Sarah Sanders: White House looks forward to confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh

Sanders surprised more Democrats aren’t supporting Kavanaugh

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5 Responses to Sarah Sanders: White House looks forward to confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh

  1. Alex Dekkers says:

    It is quite sickening how the Trump administration keeps on supporting people that are conviced or suspected of sexual misconduct. Especially for the office that Kavanaugh is applying, a person should be appointed with clean record. Even if he will be appointed, he is already tainted.


    • stella says:

      Let me ask you – if you are accused of sexual assault, you are innocent, and your accuser has no proof that she or he was abused, should you lose your job? Should you be denied employment because of an accusation? What about your son or daughter, your brother, sister or father?

      There is no proof – in fact, there is ample evidence that Judge Kavanaugh is innocent of the charges made against him.

      Just because you don’t support the President is no reason to ruin a man’s life, when there is no proof that he has done anything wrong.

      Yet there is ample proof that he has led an exemplary life as a judge, done an excellent job according to others on the bench. Merritt Garland, the man who Obama nominated for the Supreme Court, agreed with Judge Kavanaugh 96% of the time (they serve on the same court), and Judge Kavanaugh agreed with Judge Garland about the same percentage of the time.

      Watch Susan Collin’s presentation on the Senate floor today (about an hour ago). Listen carefully to what she has to say. You’ll learn something.

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    • stella says:

      You don’t even live in the United States! Are you a US citizen?


    • auscitizenmom says:

      All I have to say is BILL CLINTON.

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